Affordable iPad Mini Education Options at JP-UK

JP-UK provide a number of education pricing schemes, making iPad Minis easily affordable.

Due to their compact nature without compromise to overall performance ability, the Apple iPad mini series has become exceptionally popular within the educational setting. However, unfortunately these devices can sometimes seem to be out of the financial reach of these institutes due to budget limitations.

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iPad Security Trolleys from JP-UK Offer Secure And Mobile Storage

P-UK offer a diverse range of mobile and static iPad security trolleys to meet your requirements.

We offer a range of tablet and iPad security trolleys and carts, which provide the perfect solution to the logistic problems with arise from using numerous tablets and iPads. Our security trolleys provide a secure space where numerous iPads or tablet devices can be charged and synched whilst not in use. Due to the high levels of mobility provided by our security trolleys they can be easily be moved from one room to another within a building as required.

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Excellent Savings on the iPad2 in the JP-UK Sale

JP-UK offer great value on iPad2 16GB Wi-Fi in their current sale.

At JP-UK we are massive advocates of the use of Apple products, especially iPad2s, this is because of the high levels of performance these products provide, whilst also being exceptionally easy to use. In order to make these items more easily affordable, especially for educational institutions, we currently have a sale on the iPad2 16GB Wi-Fi.

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Teach Organisational Skills at an Early Age With Educational Furniture at JP-UK

The use of storage specific items of educational furniture, such as tray storage units, not only enable teachers to create a tidy and clutter free classroom environment, they can also provide a means of teaching pupils important organisational skills. Each pupil can be allocated a tray, in which they store their books and associated learning materials. Pupils are then required to ensure that the correct items are selected from their tray for each lesson.

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